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When you partner with us for telegenetics, we listen and collaborate—from discovery through delivery.

Partner with us

When you partner with us for telegenetics, we listen and collaborate—from discovery through delivery.

Partnering for telehealth genetic counseling can be easy for your organization. Let us deliver an outstanding service for you and your patients.

Who we support

With coverage in all U.S. states and Canada, we can serve your patients wherever they live. We provide genetic counseling across medical specialties to organizations that need to build or expand access to genetic counselors.


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Our genetic counseling and integrative software can also be adapted for other types of companies. Contact us to learn more.

Steps to launching your service

Tell us what you need, how your processes work, how you want them to work—and we’ll deliver. We strive to be efficient with your time and resources.

Here is what you can expect for each stage, as we rapidly integrate with you:

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    We'll learn your needs for medical expertise, scheduling, staffing, patient engagement and system integration.

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    We'll develop your custom workflow, report delivery, standard operating procedures, summary report templates, billing and collateral. Your custom platform can be ready in days.

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    We'll launch your custom Pioneer Telegenetics Platform™ portal and provide training for your team, then gather feedback and revise, as needed, for continuous improvement.

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    Patients’ needs are first and foremost to us. We continually monitor patient satisfaction and quality metrics.

Why GeneMatters instead of other genetic counseling companies?   

  • Experience you can count on: We have extensive experience integrating our service and technology with many types of workflows. You can rely on this experience and our deep medical knowledge to deliver a service that works best for you and your patients.
  • Responsiveness: We quickly configure our service, platform and tools to meet your needs. If your needs change, we rapidly adapt.
  • Scale without delays: We have experience scaling quickly to meet our partners’ patient volume. 
  • Collaborative approach: As a trusted partner for healthcare organizations, technology and industry leaders, our focus is on collaborating to make a difference. We’ll do the same with you.
  • Easy integration: With a single source to access expert genetic counselors via telehealth, plus our Pioneer Telegenetics Platform and RISE Patient Engagement Tools, we offer the greatest flexibility to fit your workflow and patient needs.

We look forward to sharing all of the ways we can support you as we deliver the cost-effective tailored service you need.

How can we support you?

We think partnering with a genetic counseling service should be easy.